Jakub Malý
Or a few observations from the life journey to my “stone” dream

As a little boy, I literally fell into a spell of mineral resources emerging millions of years in the underground cavities of our planet and hiding the mysterious beauty of the prehistoric worlds. I did not even go to the primary school and the showcases in my room were already filled with a myriad of Czech garnets that had been snatched from medieval golden galleries, clear crystal collected in sandstone, limestone or granite quarries, and other minerals found in the Jeseníky region – my home region.

My interest has continued to deepen with the growing experience, the collection of precious stones grew, and thus the first business opportunities with other collectors took place. After graduating from the Jeseník gymnasium I was clear, and so my next steps aimed purposefully and ambitiously at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno, where I decided to dedicate the coming years of my life to geology, especially the study of minerals, and today, as a follow-up doctoral student, I have the opportunity to examine their crystalline-chemical composition and structures with the most modern technologies.

While working in college, I decided to make use of my long-term business experience and also take the lead on a regular business path with precious stones and diamonds. In 2018, the idea of own branding was born and the project with the symbolic name Liber Lapidum (Book of Stones), centered around the team of enthusiasts was created.

Information for the curious

Liber Lapidum is also an interactive guide to learn how the individual stones were formed, why they changed colors, shapes, and why they are so rare at all.

We have created the whole project for all lovers of natural stones and jewels with precious stones. We offer the valuable beauty and perfection of the most interesting and unique crystals from the womb of Mother Nature.